Monday, January 28, 2008

Girl Talk - Night Ripper

I recently got confused when I saw the name Girl Talk in regards to Hip-Hop related work. In my head, I thought Girl Talk was referring to the girl group of the 80s. So I kept skipping on it. That is until yesterday when I actually found out that Girl Talk is actually referring to DJ Gregg Gillis, who does mashups and is a music producer. So I decided to download the last album called "Night Ripper" from him. Man, I was surprised. He brings a whole bunch of stuff together in such a coherent manner that you completely rethink the concept of mashups. If you want to see what is sampled for each song, check out the Wiki page. Normally, I'm not a fan of mashups, but this was so different. I think this might be a hit or miss for you. But, I can't wait till his 2008 release of "Feed the Animals" to see what else he can do.

Girl Talk - Night Ripper [rar]
>> Password: L4T <<
1. Once Again
2. That's My DJ
3. Hold Up
4. Too Deep
5. Smash Your Head
6. Minute By Minute
7. Ask About Me
8. Summer Smoke
9. Friday Night
10. Hand Clap
11. Give And Go
12. Bounce That
13. Warm It Up
14. Double Pump


Amber said...

Hello, I absolutely love your blog :) Girl Talk is amazinggg, but just thought I'd tell you that there are 2 more songs on the album. #15 is called 'Overtime', and #16 is called 'Peak Out'. They're both great and you shouldn't go without them!

AC said...

oh cool, ya. someone else told me that i was missing tracks for this. maybe i will add it on if i find them. thanks for the heads-up tho.

Charlie said...

Hey, glad you caught onto Girl Talk. Catch a show if you can. I've seen him twice and it's a truly unique experience as long as you're not claustrophobic (big, sweaty, undulating crowd). His other albums are worth checking out to tide you over until April or May too: Unstoppable is similar to Night Ripper, and Secret Diary is good too, as long as you like glitchy stuff (and aren't expecting Night Ripper).

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